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Ladies and gentlemen. It is our sincere pleasure to announce that we have found our next pack member and therapy dog. Let us introduce Azizi’s Stryker by Devil from Azizi’s kennel by Camilla Hjerpe in Sweden:

This is a white shepherd from a litter of 4 boys and 4 girls with very respectable lines of working dogs (Barvestad’s Cleopatra & Horsebo K9 Devil). Vi have been following the puppies from day 1 through daily updates on Azizi’s puppyblog and Camilla’s status reports.

On saturday the puppies were 7 weeks old and went through a mentality test with a certified test leader. Both we and the breeder had noticed two of the pups who would probably be qualified for therapy dog work, so the test was more or less the cream topping as a final affirmation that our evaluations had been well founded. We got to see the film of the test which made us feel sure that we had found the right dog for us.

“Stryker” – as is his name for yet another week – has the same foundational qualifications that we saw with Grimm, the same abilities that I feel has made him into such a suiting therapy dog. At the same time, he is in no way a Grimm no. 2, although we have been joking about calling him Grimm as well, so we could call them “The brothers Grimm” =D

We are enormously grateful for having found Azizi’s kennel through the recommendation of Katrine Bårtvedt, and no less grateful for Camilla Hjerpe’s professional work from A to Z. She is a person I quickly grew to respect through her insight, knowledge and principles. It has been an important support having her as my eyes and ears in the quest for the “perfect” puppy for us.

Our whole pack is traveling south on Friday to pick up our little polar bear. We are really looking forward to it, although Grimm probably will celebrate the loudest when little brother joins us. Updates will follow sometime next week. When it comes to the name, we had already decided on this two years ago, but it takes time to let it sink in that he will really be a part of our pack now.

Starting to train a therapy dog from scratch again… Whew… You can get dizzy from less =D But I don’t often turn down a challenge!


We regret to inform that Grimm had his second epileptic seizure. It went as smoothly as such an event may go, and was over in a couple of minutes. An hour later he was back to normal, as far as we could see. This does however mean that we’ll have to consider medications by the third seizure, if it happens within the next weeks, and I will not go for any more AAA visitations.

If he does not have any behavioral changes, which is pretty unlikely, he might still be used for exposure therapy under certain conditions, but for the most part he will be retired. It will require an updated mental and medical evaluation before any visit or job. His main assignment from now on will be teaching our next dog(s) to become as brilliant in his field as he was and still is, which is an assignment I know he’ll enjoy almost as much as the real thing.

Grimm is doing fine. He recovered almost completely within the first three days after his seizure and all is now back to normal. We are still waiting to see if there will be a second seizure, which is the only definite way to know if he has chronic epilepsy or not, so he is still on temporary leave from his duties.

On other matters, this summer will be a busy one. We are moving to a big house next week which will be a major turning point for the whole pack. I will also start to prepare the therapy dog education that will most probably find place in Trondheim this fall. If you are interested in joining this class, then you can contact either me or NODAT (Norwegian Organization of Animal Assisted Therapy) for more information. On further notice, NODAT’s therapy dog class in Oslo will have gone through major changes to give participants a much more comprehensive education in AAA/AAT.

We had a disturbing experience with Grimm last weekend, as he had a very unexpected epileptic seizure in the middle of the night. Although he is fine now, we have chosen to give him a temporary leave from his therapy dog assignments for observation and rest until we know more about his situation and the effects it might have had on him. Unless this turns out to be a very frequent occurring epilepsy he might be able to go back into assisting in some therapy settings that aren’t too stressful, but we have decided that he will no longer do visitations at institutions. At least not until we know if it is a chronic state.

His training will continue as normal, as he will probably still be able to assist in exposure therapy. We are crossing our fingers that this was a singular event that won’t reoccur.

Since there has been a growing amount of foreign readers to Grimm’s blog, we’ll be translating our main events. This will be mainly Jacob’s assignment.

Stay tuned!


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