Navnet Húrin: – “He who desires action (the meaning of the name)

– comes from elvish and means both vigour and thoughtfulness

– Húrin Thalion is a fictional character made by JRR Tolkien

You can follow his development here: Húrin’s development

Húrin is our second aspiring therapy dog and Grimm’s protégé. We started planning our second therapy dog the summer of 2009, but we already knew when we got Grimm that we would want to have a second one when the time was right. For me it is an unique working situation when you are working with two dogs at the same time, since it craves more fine tuning and concentration both for the dogs and the trainer. We wanted to get the second dog when Grimm had finished his education and we had bought a house, which became a reality during the summer of 2010.

It was even harder to find a suiting breed this time, than it was when we started looking for Grimm. It was important for me to find a dog that was different from Grimm in both its looks and mentality, so that the two dogs could complement each other in therapy. In other words, we were looking for a big dog and preferably a light colored one (to create contrast in escalating exposure therapy). Personally I have an attraction to herding type dogs because of their way of working and their specific mentality. It is a type of dog that matches my personality and the qualities I want in a therapy dog.

After having visited some breeders and talked to knowledgeable breed knowers in both nationally and international, we were recommended a swedish breeder of White Shepherd that quickly awoke confidence and respect in me. Camilla at Azizi’s kennel in Sweden appeared to be a dog person after my own heart, a person who took her responsibilites as a breed highly serious, was unquenchable in her principles and who shared my thoughts about dogs and working with dogs. This became a litter we followed with great interest, since the puppies weren’t assigned to families before their mentality test at 7 weeks of age, another fact that coincided with my own wishes. Pretty early in the process we learned that we were considering just the same candidates, and especially the pink male stood out after week 5.

The last couple of weeks before the test was almost unbearable. Would our main candidates handle the test as we would hope? Could it be that none of the puppies would match our requirements after the test? To our relief the mentality test confirmed what we had all been observing, it was the pink male (aka Stryker) that showed most of the abilities we wanted; tolerance for inactivity, social interest, respect and a suiting energy level for a psychology dog. Both Camilla, the test leader and ourselves agreed that this was the best choice for us.

Húrin, born May 8th 2010, goes by the kennel name Azizi’s Stryker by Devil, and has three brothers (Boomer, Gunner and Nitro) and four sisters (Halo, Patches, Salty and Mystic).

Húrin’s kennel can be found at this web page: Azizi’s kennel