Team Grimster


Jacob is a 27 year old Associate professor in theoretical physics at NTNU. In other words he likes to play around with numbers. In his spare time he enjoys running and weight lifting, accompanied with the occasional epic battle in World of Warcraft or some other post apocalyptic game. Jacob did not grow up with dogs, and he was more of a cat person than a dog person when he met Jenny. But it didn’t take long until he came over to the canine side. Jacob is an adventurous and active guy who likes to be moving, so it’s an advantage to have a dog that can keep up with him. ;)


Jenny is a 26 year old psychology student, and is about to finish up with her degree (2011). In her spare time she enjoys writing, reading, photographing and playing video games. She is a certified dog trainer and therapy dog trainer. When she moved away from home to study in Trondheim she had 5 years without any dog related activities. But then Grimm came into the picture and he turned her life around. She finished her therapy dog education with Hundsteg in 2010 and is planning to do more AAT related courses in the years to come.


Grimm is our little finish lapphund from the cosy city Karlstad in Sweden. We brought him home during fall 2009. He grew up with Neutrino, and I have the impression that Neutrino was the most responsible for molding his kind personality. Grimm’s therapy dog education started the day we got him and has been more of a life style than a training regime. Being a therapy dog has given him much joy since he loves accompanying me in my work and also loves being with people. He is both an ambassador and a mentor, but never too great or too important to crawl up in mom or dad’s lap and falling asleep there.


Húrin is our white swiss shepherd from Hjo in Sweden and will follow in Grimm’s steps as a therapy dog. Since he was hand picked for his inner qualities and mentality, we have huge expectations to what this boy will be able to accomplish in and outside of the therapy room in the future.


Tindra came to us on the 28th of december, on Grimm’s first birthday. She traveled with us all the way to Trondheim from Akershus. She proved herself to be a girl with some serious guts already the first couple of days. She is tough, insistent and self confident. With time it became clear to us that she is Grimm’s rat, and not ours – because she decided that’s how it is! Without caring about size difference, she is the one who invites him to play and there is no lack of energy. It is all about catching Grimm’s ears or nose, while Grimm plays the role of the patient big brother who lets her go on.

Nikon D90d90_ambience_1

The pictures in this blog were taken with my Nikon D90 and Nikkor 18-105mm + Sigma 90mm MACRO. D90 is naturally a part of the family =)